Perfect Thank You Pages That Boost ROI

Are you leaving money on the table when it comes to your 'thank you' page?

Some people treat thank you pages as an afterthought because they don't understand the profit potential in these web pages.

We hope that you'll consider revamping your thank you pages for better performance if you're in the earlier group of people.

As you read this article, we highly recommend reviewing your current thank you pages to see if there are areas you can optimize. We encourage all our clients to take action because it is the only way anyone will see a result.

We'll cover the essentials of why you need an optimized thank you page, what elements are necessary to create the perfect thank you page, and finally, real examples of great thank you pages.

What Is A Thank You Page

We covered the essentials elements of landing pages earlier.

Landing pages are the perfect segue into the thank you page. Landing pages focus on a single conversion goal that drives visitors to take action resulting in those visitors seeing a thank you page.

Thus, a thank you page is a page that your site visitors see after they've completed the goal you designated on your website.

Goals you created may involve:

  • Signing up for a newsletter
  • Opting in for a lead magnet
  • Completing checkout
  • Registering for a Webinar

Here is an example of a thank you page from the Content Marketing Institute:

Content Marketing Institute Thank You Page

As you can see above, there isn't any other information other than the webinar details, summary, and speakers at the event. They've got lots of great content on their site but left the visitor hanging.

For most people, that's the extent of the thank you page. A simple sentence or two telling the web visitor that their action is complete will suffice.

If you stop there, you're missing out on the potential to optimize all the traffic to your site.

Take a look at Fizzle's thank you page. I was quite disappointed they didn't even include a video introduction to the company.  All I got was a big box pop up with a 'Success!' message.  A missed opportunity to engage further.

Fizzle Thank You Page

The Importance of Thank You Pages

Most business owners with a company website use the thank you page to confirm actions such as opt-in confirmations or purchase confirmations.

If you take a birds-eye perspective of where your customers are in their customer journey, you won't be cobbling these pages together as an afterthought.

Thank you pages indicate that a prospect or customer progressed to the next stage of the customer journey. A user action signals the change of status:

  • A stranger to a lead
  • A prospect to a paying customer
  • A customer to a raving fan

When someone takes action on your website, they raised their hand to tell you that they're interested in your offering.

If you failed to engage with your web visitor on your thank you page, you just left them high and dry. You made an enormous investment in time and money to get your visitor to convert but left them hanging afterward.

Your web visitors are more likely to take another action if they chose to take one earlier. Using an upsell or cross-sell maximizes the value of the new customer.

If you made a lead magnet offer and converted, the best thing you can do is offer them a special price on a low ticket item to get a foretaste of the content or immense value of your paid offerings.

When people buy anything, the brain also begins to produce dopamine, resulting in a "shopper's high." When your buyers experience this feeling, they are more inclined to buy more products if you offered them.

So, put some effort into creating your thank you pages. It'll be well worth your time invested.

The Anatomy of a Successful Thank You Page

Regardless of what type of thank you page your prospects or customers see based on their actions and where they are in the customer journey, every thank you page must have these three essential elements.

  1. Confirmation Message
  2. Specific Instructions for Next Steps
  3. Call to Action

We'll delve into each of these elements in more detail separately below.

These three elements are absolute essentials.  Beyond them, you have some creative latitude.

We recommend inserting a video into the thank you page to humanize the process of them dealing with someone rather than a company. Your video should welcome or thank them for taking action and provide a short introduction.

To get more mileage from the video, you can include additional information.

Here, there's leeway in how you want to deliver the short introduction.

How about you:

  • Give a short pitch on your company
  • Explain how people just like them are also interested in another offering (possibly paid product)
  • Tell them how to find their way around to get the most from your website
  • Instruct them to subscribe to your newsletter or download a freebie

Use your creativity to personalize and engage your audience for the best results.

Confirmation Message

An optimized thank you page delivers an excellent user experience.

At its very core primary function, it informs the web visitor their action resulted in success.

Without a thank you page, the user wouldn't know what happened. In confusion, the user may try to submit the form again or order again, causing duplicate orders that need to be corrected later.

This part doesn't need to be fancy. But everything on it needs to be spelled out explicitly.

To fulfill the fundamental requirements, a simple "Thanks for subscribing" or "Congratulations on making a smart purchase today" will work.

If they downloaded a free lead magnet, educate and reinforce why they should consume the information immediately. Help your prospects get value from the small step they took so they will ascend later on to higher ticket offers.

For purchasers of products, reaffirm the smart decision they made. Stave off any "buyer's remorse" by encouraging them to get value from it right away once they receive the product.

Pro Tip: For downloads of a lead magnet or purchase of digital products, we recommend asking them to check their email to get the download link. Don't offer the access link on the thank you page. Doing so trains your prospects and customers to look out for your emails. For more email marketing strategies, check out our guide to email automation.

It is after this point that most thank you pages fall short.

If you don't want to maximize your visitor's value, you'll want to get those users to take the next step.

Specific Instructions for Next Steps

One of the best things to include is to make sure you give them clear information on whitelisting your email address to improve email deliverability. If you do any email marketing, this step is crucial.

To get them to whitelist your email correctly, you'll need to include a video tutorial or a couple of screenshots to show them how. Make it as easy as possible - remember that customers don't like to think too hard.

For webinar sign-ups, providing an 'add to calendar' option on the thank you page will increase your webinar attendance rates.

Sometimes taking action on a CTA isn't so straightforward. It might involve more than two steps, and you may have to explain how to do it to them.

If you're promoting your entry point offer on your thank you page, you may want to explain the benefits this product will offer relevant to what they just downloaded. It may be as simple as a short video with a couple of bullet points. You don't have to push too hard at this point because you can always follow up with emails later.

Freshbooks may not have any other offers, but they continued promoting the benefits of their ebook download. They encourage the visitor to read it and get value from it.

Freshbooks Thank You Page

Pro Tip: Encourage your visitor to share their decision with others. Provide them with social sharing buttons so your visitor can share their decision with friends and family. This ninja tactic acts as social proof and encourages referrals naturally for even more business. Another variation people use to boost shares is incentivizing the visitor with a gift or a discount for the referrals.

Call-To-Action (CTA)

Once you've confirmed a successful transaction, you want to up your business game with a call-to-action.

Focus on creating a clear CTA that moves your prospects and customers to the next stage of the customer journey.

Choose from a couple of variations here. You can:
- Recommend that they download one of your lead magnets
- Recommend several blog posts that they might be interested in reading. It could be a "best of," or most popular blog posts shortlist.
- Show them how to whitelist your email address
- Invite them to attend an upcoming webinar
- Offer an entry point offer (EPO) if they aren't already a customer
- Upsell with relevant products if they purchased something
- Cross-sell with related products if they purchased something
- Ask them to answer a short survey
- Ask them to participate in a short quiz
- Ask them to share on social media

On Impact's thank you page for downloading their resource, they encourage visitors to read selected blog articles that will further engage visitors.

If your company does any content marketing, introducing some blog articles is a great way to further engage a prospect.

Check out what Impact did on their thank you page:

Impactplus Thank You Page


Regardless of which option you choose, please don't leave them hanging without a clear idea of what else to do. Have your visitor take action.

At Persuasion Nation, they offer an upsell to their paid course upon sign up for their free email course.

Thank You Page Example Ideas

Offer a Tripwire (Entry-Point-Offer)

DigitalMarketer masterfully serves up a low-ticket item to get the prospect's foot into the door.

On their thank you page, they give visitors a choice to click on the big button to see the 'Social List Building' information product. Once visitors click on the button, it takes them to the Tripwire offer.

DgitialMarketer Thank You Page


The relationship changes from a prospect to a customer when you promote a low priced offer. Once a customer, it's the company's job to continue to build that relationship with the customer.


SocialMediaExaminer does a great job of instructing visitors to whitelist the email address and to request visitors check their email inbox for the downloadable report.

Also, they promote their podcast, which is sure to keep their audiences engaged.

SocialMediaExaminer Thank You


When visitors request a download of one of CopyHackers' guides, their visitors are met with a quick survey form to gather valuable information on their audience.

Copyhackers Thank You Page


AdEspresso's offer to download one of their guidebooks includes a link to follow them on Twitter as well as repeating their software-as-a-service (SaaS) free trial offer.

AdEspresso Ebook Thank You Page


Wordstream included a short video explaining their service as well as an offer to 'Grade Your Account' on their thank you page.  The added testimonial from an established marketer helps further establish credibility.

Wordstream Thank You Page


SproutSocial also included a video on their thank you page.  They promote their offer of a free trial with buttons readily available at the top right and just below the main headline.

SproutSocial Webinar Thank You Page


To wrap up our list of examples, we include Hubspot to bring everything you learned here together.  They provided clear instructions on accessing their webinar together with the webinar ready to watch.

Also, they added a form on the right of the page to offer their free trial.

To expand reach, they included share buttons to get referrals.  They made the act of following, liking or connecting simple with their social connect buttons.

Finally, they display a few blog posts that might be of interest.

Hubspot Thank You Page

As you can see, there are lots of opportunities to engage your web visitors.  Attention spans are short.  Take advantage while you have it.


While you have freedom as to how you build your thank you page, always keep in mind the three essential elements of a thank you page.

As you can see from the thank you page examples, the process of engaging a prospect or customer never ends upon completion of a goal.

Continue to deliver massive value. Nudge them forwards, so they get value from the action they took.

See the process as a journey and the prospect or customer just getting started.

Follow up with emails and ascend them up the value chain.

We're confident that if you took the steps we outlined above, you're on your way to increasing your sales without minimal effort.

Need help with optimizing the performance of your web pages? Get in touch with our experts.


About the Author: Anthony Yap is the founder of Art of ROI, a results-based digital marketing agency.  He specializes in creating custom funnels and email campaigns that transform strangers into customers and customers into raving fans.

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